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The National AIPG certifies geologists based on their competence, integrity, and ethics. They present testimony and position papers to federal and state legislators and agencies on matters affecting geologists and geologists’ employment opportunities. The National AIPG intervenes with regulatory boards and agencies on behalf of individual geologists, at the geologist’s request. They publish a monthly magazine, The Professional Geologist, and a variety of publications for both the profession and the general public. The National AIPG provides liability insurance for errors and omissions, designed specifically for geologists, and a full line of health, life and accident insurance. They also provide international comity through agreements with professional societies in other countries, provides access for its Members to professional registration, certification, or chartered status in those countries.

In addition to supporting the national organization, the Northeast Section (NJ, NY, CT, MA, RI, VT, NH, and ME) provides a scholarship to undergraduates in pursuit to a career in geology and supports state licensure of geologist in the Northeast. The Northeast Section also publishes a Newsletter four times a year and an annual Directory of Members. More information about the Executive Committee Officers, Angelo Tagliacozzo Scholarship, and the Spring and Fall meetings can be found below with links to AIPG National (including AIPG applications), NE-AIPG By Laws, Executive Committee minutes, and web page sponsors.

Being a professional geologist with a state license is not a substitute for joining and being Certified by the AIPG. A professional geologist should have a state license to practice geology and be a member of the AIPG for the same reasons why a doctor has a state license to practice medicine and is a member of the AMA. The state license allows a geologist to practice his or her profession in a state and protects the health and welfare of the residents. That is why the AIPG supports the licensure of geologists. However, the license does not protect or support the geologist, but the AIPG does! Therefore, a geologist should have a state license and be a member of the AIPG. It just makes good sense!

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