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The Angelo Tagliacozzo Memorial Geological Scholarship was established by the Northeast Section of the American Institute of Professional Geologists in late 1986. It recognizes the dedicated leadership and service which Angelo provided to NE/AIPG, AIPG, and the geological profession, until his untimely passing on October 11, 1986. The Scholarship furthers Angelo's goal of acquainting young geologists with AIPG and its importance to the geological profession.

Angelo Tagliacozzo - 1936 - 1986

Angelo Tagliacozzo received his doctorate in Geology from the University of Rome (Italy) in 1962. Thereafter he worked in various positions as geologist, geophysicist, and hydrogeologist, which included assignments abroad, in the U.S., and with the U.N. Angelo provided exemplary service to AIPG at the Section and National levels. He was a Northeast Section Executive Committee Member (1973-1982), Vice President (1977-1978), President (1979-1980), National Advisory Board Delegate (1981-1982), and Screening Board Chairman (1984-1986). Angelo's dedication to and leadership of the Northeast Section Screening Board has become the ultimate standard against which service in such a position is measured. Angelo also served as an AIPG National Executive Committeeman (1982); he was a vigorous advocate of measure to increase professionalism. Angelo was (and will be remembered) as a respected professional and as a friend.

The Scholarship

NE/AIPG grants scholarships to undergraduate geology students annually. The Scholarships are designed to help with the cost of summer field courses, textbooks, and other aspects of geological education. Scholarships are awarded, both on academic achievement and on financial need, to students enrolled in recognized geology programs at colleges or universities in New England, New Jersey, and New York.

2012 Awards

In 2012, NE/AIPG awarded a total of $12,000 in scholarships to the following students:

Phoebe Azucena ($2,000) - Salem State College
Jennifer Delaney ($2,000) - CUNY - Brooklyn
Diana Flores ($2,000) - Montclair State University
Tyler Hall ($2,000) - Hartwick College
Sheila Niedziela ($2,000) - Hartwick College
Lauren Patricia Redmond ($2,000) University of Southern Maine


Your participation in support of this memorial to Angelo is encouraged. Contributions to the Scholarship Trust Fund should be made out to:

Northeast Section, AIPG
c/o Dennis McGrath
The Louis Berger Group.
565 Taxter Road, Suite 510
Elmsford, NY 10523
Telephone (914) 798-3716
Fax (914) 592-1734

All contributions are used solely for the Scholarship, as NE/AIPG bears all costs of solicitation and administration. Matching corporate and institutional contributions will be appreciated and will further support the objectives of the Scholarship Trust Fund.